This is your practical guide on how to make extra money right now! If there is anything the pandemic of 2020 taught us, it is that life can come at you fast and you never want to be fully reliant on one source of income.

George Acheampong will teach you exactly how he built multiple 6 figure side hustles and how you can too! This course is practical, actionable and will give you the resources you need to get started ASAP.
Want dedicated guidance in a community of Aspiring 1st Generation Millionaires? 
Join the melanin millionaire's club where George and his team of experts will help you maximize your results of the program + hold you accountable.

You get all The Tools to Build 
A Successful Side Hustle 

Includes step by step strategies on how to start making extra income today, 
along with many other insider details George has learned over the last decade from managing his own personal side hustles!


✔ Video trainings on side hustles you can do right now
✔ Create goals and project your revenue with our Income Forecaster
✔ BONUS - Brands & Bags Masterclass: Learn how to secure 4 figure brand partnerships


✔ Complete Shopify overview on how to create your store
✔ How to navigate Fivver to find the right people to help you
✔ How to search Alibaba to pick your first product to sell


✔ Checklist for all the tools you need to get started
✔ Comprehensive cheat sheet on different businesses you can implement today
✔ An exact blue print and strategy on how to attract the right influencers for your business



Learn how to secure 4 figure brand partnerships during Majesty Acheampong's Brands & Bags Masterclass.

This includes a copy of her "Pitching Guide." A plug-and-play process to reach out to brands and secure deals (a standalone value of $49.00).

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people Are saying...

  Everyone looking to make legit extra cash should purchase this guide by a man who makes it happen!"

  Trust me, it’s worth the investment!!!

  Highly recommend! So many gems💰

  I pray y’all are plugged in. Serious value being provided!

  I’m not getting affiliate commission for promoting this. But George is a friend and this course is packed with value! Get this course if you want to learn how to have a profitable side hustle!

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