Better body,
bigger bank account. 
 Better body,
bigger bank account. 
 You're frustrated because you work hard each and every week, but when you look at your bank account it never seems to reflect what you think you should have?
 You find it hard to budget your money because it seems like something always comes up or you just don't know where to start.
 It seems like no matter what you do, getting your finances together is always challenging and overwhelming.
 You want to get into better shape but trying to figure out all the different steps you need to do is intimidating.
 You have tried a bunch of different workout plans or exercises but still can't seem to get those results you want?
 Trying to figure out what foods you should be eating to get the results you want is often a challenge and you don't know where to start.
 Every year you tell yourself that you are going to be in good shape for summer but you always seem to fall short.
Well...if any of those statements resonate with you, then the Slim Waist, Fat Wallet Challenge is exactly what you've been looking for. 
 Imagine seeing real results and progress in just 35 days. All for less than the cost of cup of coffee at Starbucks for each day of the challenge.
 Imagine having all the tools and resources you need laid out for you in easy to follow steps guided by two experts?
 Imagine finally feeling like you are in control of your money and you are proud of your body for those summer vacations and pool outings.
 Imagine being able to get in better shape and get your money right at the same time.   
George Acheampong
The tools, tips and tricks that you will learn in this challenge, are normally exclusively reserved for their private personal training & financial planning clients. However, George and Bre wanted to combine their expertise to provide you with an experience you can't find anywhere else! Achieving your fitness and finance goals at the same d*mn time!
What's Included?
All the resources you need are packed into this program to help you achieve the results you've been wanting for your waist and your wallet.


A SWFW Success Prep Guide to ensure you have everything you need!


A comprehensive workout guide & daily videos for the duration of the challenge  


Daily Financial Videos to teach you the strategies and tools to save more money.


A complete nutrition guide that will provide meal & snack recommendations for the duration of the challenge.
BONUS: The Side Hustle Bootcamp Course at a discount to you!
This offer is exclusive to our SWFW community! 
What better way to help you save more money than to show you how to make more? This will help you get your side hustle off the ground or take your current one to the next level and start making extra money that can help you boost your savings today!
The body of your dreams and the bank account you deserve is one click away.
Real  Transformations
Don't miss your chance to do a program that gets you the results you've always dreamed of. This is a transformative program that gets both your body & bank account on track.
“I highly recommend this program to anyone that has shied away from fitness challenges. It’s totally worth it and you’ll be amazed with your results.”
“I noticed a huge change in my energy level, physical transition, and more money in my account. I honestly was depressed about my body and finances after my ACL surgery. It was hard to walk. Now i have little to no issues walking. My left knee and leg is a lot stronger. Emotionally I am healthier.”
“I noticed that it feels weird not to workout. It’s become part of my day that I don’t feel right sometimes going to sleep without working out. Financially I learned that I should set up auto transfers to my bank account every paycheck.”
“I spent a lot less time eating out so was able to save money. I’ve also found myself wanting to workout more.”
“Mostly financial but seeing others put in that physical work helped me get through some of those tough days.” 
What You Are Getting...
  • Success Prep Guide – $9.99
  • Nutritional Guidance for the entire challenge  – $19.99
  • Complete workouts for the entire challenge – $199.00
  • Finance Guide For the entire challenge – $499.00
Your Price:
Don't wait another minute to get the body and bank account that you desire!
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